The MASTERS OF THE MEDOC VINEYARDS will take place at Plaine des Sports, à Saint-Aubin-de-Medoc (33160), Route de la Serpentine.

We will be able to set up 5 compétition mats. A warming up area will be open.


– Start of compétition : 09h00
– End of compétition : 18h30 (approximately)
The schedule is liable to modification depending on the number of competitors.


International individual Open Competition for Veterans.
French Federation Excellence Label since 2016. 


The entry fees si €15, for forms sets last post 17th of March 2018. Between the 17th of March and the 24th of March 2018, the entry fee is €30 . No entry fee can be reimbursed.

Registrations have to be made online, using the website :

However entry fee payment online by credit card is no longer mandatory, payment by bank transfer is also authorized. Registration will be considered as complete only after payment has been received.

Bank Transfert :

————— Account Holder —————
—– Bank Account Details —–
IBAN : FR76 1090 7000 8262 0213 9947 911

Entry fee online payment by credit card is not mandatory, but faster, less expensive and more efficient. In the case of online payment using, all management fees will be paid by ASSAM Judo.

Receipt will be available immediately.

Website :


General rules : most of the International Judo Federation (IJF) rules are to be complied with. Certain specificities have been added, in compliance with the French Federation rules or the organizer’s own rules.

  1. Conditions of participation

Each federation affiliated to the IJF may enter as many athletes as it desires. Each athlete can participate only in one weight category and in one age group. However, organizers may decide to combine some categories according to number of competitors.
On the day of the competition, the competitors must have held a license for at least 2 years and be minimum green belt holders.
Each athlete participates in the age division which is determined by his/her year of birth. Competitors who have double nationality can represent only one participating country.
Athletes who have participated in an official international competition organized by the IJF (with the exception of Masters) in the last two seasons are excluded from the event.

  1. Age & Contest duration
Age division Contest duration (min.) Female Year of birth
(see examples)
30-34 3 F1 1988 – 1984 M1
35-39 3 F2 1983 – 1979 M2
40-44 3 F3 1978 – 1974 M3
45-49 3 F4 1973 – 1969 M4
50-54 3 F5 1968 – 1964 M5
55-59 3 F6 1963 – 1959 M6
60-64 2.5 F7 1958 – 1954 M7
65-69 2.5 F8 1953 – 1949 M8
70-74 2.5 F9 1948 – 1944 M9
75-79 2.5 F10 1943 – 1939 M10
80 ET + 2.5 F11 1938 and before M11

 – Competitors don’t have to be 30 years old on the day of the competition: an athlete born on 31st December 1988 can enroll in the competition of 28th January 2018; he/she will be registered in the F1/M1 division
 – Age divisions will be determined according to the year of birth and not the date of birth: an athlete born on 31st December 1983 will be enrolled in the M2/F2 division even if he is 34 years old on 28th January 2018

  1. Weigtht Categories

-48 kg ; -52 kg ; -57 kg ; -63 kg ; -70 kg ; -78 kg ; +78 kg

-60 kg ; -66 kg ; -73 kg ; -81 kg ; -90 kg ; -100 kg ; +100 kg

A combination of two categories is possible should the number of participants in one of them be insufficient (See 5 Competition formula).

  1. Judogis

Blue judogis are allowed and even recommended when replacing a red belt.
All judogi suppliers are authorized in as much as the judogi complies with technical norms.

  1. Competition formula
  • 4 or 5 athletes: round-robin
  • 6 athletes: 2 pools of 3, the first 2 in each pool qualify for the semi finals
  • 7 athletes: 1 pool of 4, 1 pool of 3, the first 2 in each pool qualify for the semi finals
  • More than 7 athletes: an elimination system with double repechage
  • For 1, 2 or 3 athletes: the organizers are free to take the initiative of combining age 
and/or weight categories as coherently as possible
  1. Order of presentation per catégory

Timetable for the presentation of each age category might change according to registrations. For the different categories, athletes could be invited to be present at:

09h30 :  -60kg,+100kg, -48kg, -52kg -57kg

12h00 : -66kg,-73kg, -63kg, -70kg, -78kg et +78kg

14h30 : -81kg

16h00 : -90kg et-100kg

  1. Golden score update

In case of a tie, the golden score system will be applied. The maximum length of the extra contest duration will be one minute in all age categories

  1. Points for grades

Masters will be able to score points for their grades according to French FFJDA official rules (See « Règlement des compétitions de loisir »).

For ‘Nouvelle Aquitaine’ Masters, points will be signed on the spot, if the representative of the Regional Grades Committee agrees.

For other French Masters, regional representatives will be able to download results as soon as posted on FFJDA website, to certify points.

For foreign masters, representatives of National Grades Committees will be able to download results as soon as posted on FFJDA website, to certify points, if national federation allows it.

  1. Ranking exclusively of French Masters

The MASTERS has been included in the First Class French Masters Tournaments for 2017; therefore, the results will be taken into account for a national ranking system determined by different French organizing bodies.

First Class French Masters Tournaments probable points table
For more informations :

Place 1er 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th
Points 100 70 50 40 30 10


Control and weight-in will take place on friday 23th march 2018 in the competition center  from 17h00 to 20h00 at Saint-Aubin-de-Medoc –contact Jean Thébault +336.

Its possible to weight-in and control the day of competition from 08h15 to 11h00 for all  :
from 08h15 to 9H00 : -60kg,-66kg, +100kg, -100kg and womens
from 9H00 to 11h00 : -73kg, -81kg and -90kg

No weight tolerance

  • Documents to be presented :
  • For French competitors: in compliance with the FFJDA rules of participation (Identity card or passport (driving licenses are not accepted), FFJDA license with at least 2 stamps, current FFJDA license, medical certificate dating back less than a year attesting that the athlete can enter judo competitions during the current season)
  • Foreign competitors will have to provide all information that proves they are current members of their Federation, which must be affiliated to the IJF, that they have been enrolled for at least two years and are minimum green belt holders. If a medical certificate cannot be provided, the competitor will be considered personally liable in case of incident.
  • No athlete will be authorized to enroll if he/she is unable to provide written proof that he/she is a member of a judo club, affiliated to a federation, which in its turn is affiliated to the IJF.
  • Insurance : Each athlete is personally responsible for taking out insurance to cover general liability and participant accident during the period of the MASTERS OF THE MEDOC VINEYARDS if he/she is not already covered within the framework of his/her national federation, either via his/her club, or via a federal license-insurance.. The organizers decline all liability.

Image rights, insurance, medical certificate and rules :the agreement has to be given with the online registration; please tick the box which replaces your signature; if the document is not signed, the athlete will not be authorized to participate.



During all manifestations organised by ASSAM Judo or by the Commission for Masters, the images and voices of the competitors may be captured by the video set-ups used during the competitions and annex activities. By signing this form the competitor authorises ASSAM Judo and the Commission for Masters to use and broadcast the images and voices captured for the promotion of judo on all types of audiovisual communication media without exception, and notably ASSAM Judo or the Commission for Masters website, video broadcasts, televised sports programmes, judo TV. This authorisation is given for the promotion of ASSAM Judo and the Commission for Masters with no financial compensation for a duration of 70 years and is valid worldwide.


For French competitors, the signer attests that he/she holds the FFJDA licence, that he/she is insured and possesses a medical certificate attesting that there exists no counter indication to the activity of judo for the 2017/2018 season.

For foreign competitors, the signer attests that he/she holds the licence in force in his/her country, that he/she is insured and possesses a medical certificate attesting that there exists no counter indication to the activity of judo for the 2017/2018 season.


The signer attests that he/she has read all the MASTERS OF THE MEDOC VINEYARDS competition rules, via the website